Kelly provides an optimal level of service for her clients, offering a wide array of Personal Lines coverage including homeowners, condos & renters, auto, motorcycle, boat and RV, life Insurance, personal umbrella, vacation homes, antique and classic cars, art & collectibles and unique risks.

Our Vision

As the most admired and knowledgeable provider of Risk Management, Insurance and Financial Services we guide our clients safely through a world of risk and opportunity.

When it’s time to get serious, it’s time to get Marshall & Sterling

Insurance companies these days offer you lots of gimmicks. Whether it’s a speedy quote, or the promise of saving money, most insurance providers are leaving out the one thing that matters most when it comes to insurance – Your Protection!

There are more important things than speed.

The truth is that properly protecting your business, home or vehicle is much more about having the right coverage to effectively manage your risks, than it is about saving you a few minutes on the phone, or in front of your iPad. Protecting what’s most important to you demands a bit more thought and attention than a simple 8 minute phone call. It’s time to get serious about your insurance needs.

Did you know that…

Discount insurance companies often quote a very low rate, based upon basic information provided to them – and then raise their rates dramatically, sometimes after the insured has paid their first premium?

Discount insurance companies often promote “bare-bones”, minimum limit insurance coverage, which often leaves people under-insured, which may cost them thousands of dollars in the event of an accident or loss?

Many big, discount insurance companies are more concerned about getting you signed up with a cheap rate, and don’t spend the time necessary to properly explain, review and cover all your risks?

Most big discount insurance companies can only give you one quote – their own – while Marshall & Sterling can give you many different quotes from companies that can tailor insurance coverage for your specific needs?

A word from our President

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