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1219 W Newport Center Dr, Deerfield Beach Fl 33442


Thomas Scherette is a natural team player and leader by heart. Thomas started as a superintendent 11 years ago and has been an area manager for the company for 3 years and continues to grow the Treasure Coast division. We are proud of Thomas for stepping up and leading a team of 8 that all had very little experience at one point. He takes his time investing his knowledge and educating these leaders because he believes they are the industries future. Thomas has been in shell construction all of his life since high school (30 years). He can build residential, Commercial, production, and high end custom. He is one of the most patient and passionate construction leaders you will meet.
Thomas’s division has built over 400 homes this past year. He oversees 5 active communities, with 7 future projects coming his way. He manages 3 counties of the 12 counties that R&R operates in.

If you are looking to award a construction leader that shares his passion and motivation of construction to his entire team and spreads his knowledge down to the younger upcoming construction leader generation, then Thomas is the perfect person for this award. We need more people like Thomas, that can lead a team of people through any situation but also get his hands dirty and demonstrate what the actual plan is.


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