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Since December 2004, this company has been part of a growing industry, promising to continue “Building Excellence Every Day”. We are a fully licensed general contractor but specialize in shell construction. Our company completes services in foundation concrete, masonry, and carpentry work. We build for residential, custom, and commercial builds including single and multi-family homes, all over the state of Florida, including Miami, Port Saint Lucie, Naples, and Fort Myers. We set a goal of increasing revenue by 20% during 2023. Our project starts growth has increased by 25% alone. We also recently won the 2023 Gator100 for fasting revenue growing UF graduate owned businesses!

86% of our business are repeat customers. To ensure a high level of customer service, we setup monthly meetings with different builders on a follow up cycle, to ensure they understand the following:
1.) Do they know who their field managers are in their region?
2.) Do they have any issues that we need to know about?
3.) How can we help them move faster if they are providing material?
4.) Is our accounting and warranty team communicating fast enough and answering their questions?
5.) Are they doing any Hurricane readiness programs that we can help sponsor?
6.) Do you need us to participate in any Supply Pro trainings so we can teach our guys how to properly use the software your team operates on?

The company has adapted to fluctuation of costs as it relates to inflation by having weekly management meetings with our field managers, estimating, and purchasing to discuss any ongoing issues that need attention. If we are unable to absorb the material increase, then we must communicate with the builder on upcoming price increases, two months in advance. We try and meet with our suppliers every month and ask for a 4 month projection to best gauge our next steps.
If there are ongoing supply chain issues, we communicate two months ahead of the expected shortage with the builder. Some of the builders provide their own material and we just perform the labor. If they express to us that they are having issues with certain materials, we will offer to take over the communication for them and do our best to expedite delivery. We also will ask the builder to run the start weeks in advance so we can begin ordering the material and not worry about the cycle time decreasing. Lastly, we hold quarterly meetings with every client to ensure all pending issues are addressed and/or solutions for efficiency and success are discussed.

As for the field employees, we schedule many trainings throughout the year to help them be as successful as possible in the field. We do not require a degree to work for our company. Upon hire, you will be placed in a hands-on training program where you will learn how to inspect houses, layout slabs, read plans, order material, communicate with the builder and vendors, and how to address ongoing industry issues, proactively. We will also pay for the superintendent to become OSHA 30 hour certified and we will train them properly on how to scaffold, tie down material on a trailer, setup and wear a body harness properly, and teach many other safety standards that must be known on the job site. We also recently just implemented CPR, AED, and First Aid training as well which is a 3 hour required course lead by American Cross.
We also just began hosting our own job fairs all over the state, specifically to college and university students, veteran associations, and overall industry experts. We have 70 employees and we do our best to make it feel like a small company that listens to all opinions and feedback.

Some of the ways we attract and retain our staff is through the following benefits:

1.) We pay 90% of medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.
2.) We have PTO, paid holidays off, and flexible work schedules.
3.) We have company events including trips to Universal and Islands of Adventure which we just went to in last February!
4.) We have annual company picnics that families are invited to.
5.) We have our Thanksgiving and Christmas party where end of the year bonus’s and performance awards are handed out.
6.) We host different fitness challenges where winners are receiving $500 and $1,000 awards.
7.) When we sponsor an event in the community including golf tournaments and clay shoots, we will always invite a few team members to join and have fun.
8.) We pay for schooling – example.) We are currently paying for 2 of our accounting team members to go to school and get multiple certifications and degrees to help sharpen their current skills.
9.) We have an Employer matched 401K
10.) We offer Voluntary Benefits including: Critical Illness, Short-term disability, Accidental, Pet Insurance, and Whole Life

We are most excited about the young generation learning and leading this industry in the years to come. We are actively improving processes and developing training programs tailored to the youth and providing them with as much knowledge and tools they will need to stay motivated and help grow this amazing industry! We pair all of our trainees with our most experienced superintendents so they can continue absorbing and growing as construction leaders.

To assist and foster workforce development, we have community partnerships with Everglades University, UF Construction Program, FAU, Broward College, FIU, and many other Veteran associations and Career Source organizations to help us recruit and train the best leaders! We have started an internship program for college students that are in the learning stages and want to grow with our company. We also have an internal training program for anyone that wants to leave the industry they are currently in, and join our company. Another resource for recruiting are community job fairs or simple Facebook ads that our followers share!


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