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Our safety program is what makes our business unique. Our budget for safety has very little cap due to its importance and level of urgency. We understand that a safe site requires a safe team and a safe team requires constant training, initiation of new programs, and reflection on current processes with an open mind towards new program development.
We have in-house written Safety and Health Program given to every superintendent that is updated yearly and on a situational basis. Every new superintendent has a one-on-one meeting with the Safety Director, making sure they understand company policies and procedures for a safe site. We have found many successes within our current safety processes including the initiation of OSHA tool Box topics and OSHA certification trainings. To ensure that our team members and trade partner employees are safe every day across all jobs, our superintendents all over the state of Florida are required to continue leading weekly OSHA toolbox topic meetings. This is a team effort program. These meetings require the signature of the superintendent instructing, along with each individual subcontractor employee name and company name on site, stating that they read and understand all information shared. This certification form is then submitted to the Safety Director and compliance officer for confirmation of completion and processing for additional records of safety measures. We have continued this program into 2024 due to the high success rate of low accidents on site.
Examples of topics discussed include:
• Working Safely with Portable Circular Saws
• Controlling Hazards Associated with Compressed Air Hoses
• Basic Electrical Safety – Avoid misuse of extension cords
• Personal Protective Equipment – Foot Protection/Hand Protection/General Hazards
• Working safely with concrete and cement
• Safe operation of vehicles on site
• How to control feelings of stress and stressful situations

To ensure that all of our superintendents and area managers understand the importance of managing a safe site, our company continues to enforce the completion of the 30-hour OSHA class certification. Our safety program includes helping all of the superintendents and area managers become 30-hour OSHA certified. Our certified team has increased to 97% of the field that now have their OSHA 30 hour. The other 3% are actively completing the program online. Not only do our established safety protocols and programs prove our success rates with low accidents, our most recent OSHA records show these results in action. Below are some results based on the past three years:
1. Zero fatalities on a project within the past three years.
2. Zero “Repeat” or Willful” OSHA citations in the past three years
3. 1-2 OSHA citation in the past three years
4. Company Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is under 1.00
5. Zero days with job transfer or restriction last year

We have a Director of Safety named Harold Murry. Harold has worked in the construction industry for 35 years. He started at R&R 13 years ago as a superintendent and was promoted to Safety Director 8 years ago. Since his promotion, Harold has implemented over 6 safety programs including the following:
1. Live instruction and admittance of OSHA 30 hour certification. Currently 97% of our superintendents have their OSHA 30 hour certification due to Harold’s teachings.
2. Developed Safety training seminar that is now incorporated in our 3 day new superintendent training program that launched in 2021. Harold created material and safety program curriculum and now teaches to all newly onboarded superintendents.
3. Taught and initiated weekly Tool Box Topics which are now facilitated in field by trained superintendents
4. Leads quarterly Scaffolding training on how to properly build scaffold
5. Leads quarterly body harness sizing per superintendent for fall prevention
6. Yearly Adult First-Aid, CPR, and AED certifications through American Red Cross. Every employee in the company must become certified and go through the 3 hour training.

Every day, Harold travels to audit our sites, making sure hard hats are being worn, body harnesses are actively used, and there are no OSHA violations on site. He meets with every single superintendent and area manager individually to make sure they understand what they need to do to keep our jobsites safe. If he feels they need training, he will schedule a one-on-one training and pour his knowledge into them until he can confidently demonstrate the procedure that was just taught.

We are proud to have won the below safety awards/certifications in 2020, 2021, and 2022. We pride ourselves in every aspect of our company including site safety, client relationship and employee satisfaction.
-Safety Team of the Year – GCBA Prism Award 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
-Lee BIA – 2020 Subcontractor of the Year (Includes Safety Portion)
-Lee BIA – 2023 Safety Program of the Year
-NAHB Safe Award – 2020

What sets the company apart from others is that we internalized our safety program within the company while other companies outsource their entire safety program. We designed an entire program that allows our supervisors to lead safety with confidence and immediate resources ready for their use. We pay for and allow the superintendents to take time off to complete their 30 hour OSHA certification. Lastly, we perform 2 group trainings a month in the field that touch on specific safety topics. Lastly, we pay for and make sure every employee is AED, CPR, and First Aid certify just incase a team member is in need of their immediate support.


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