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Alexandra Escobar has worked with the company for 9 years. She directly supports 50 field team members and hundreds of subcontractors with processing purchase orders, paying labor invoices and many other field related administrative tasks. She has 2 direct reports that assist her with these processes. Alex is the mentor to the entire office and anyone new that joins the company. She is unique. She clearly understands the effects that bad weather have on the field team. She understands how hot days can impact the mind of a superintendent and how technology is not the superintendent’s strongest trait and how it pushes their patience and stress levels. Because of these very important factors, Alex is the go to for all field team members. She is the best with understanding the ins and outs of any software that effects the company. She takes her time training every team member that is introduced to her and she never gives up on any challenge that comes her way. Alexandra is a cancer survivor with 2 young children in her life. She is one of the most passionate and caring employees in the office. She is currently in night school and working through several accounting certifications to expand her knowledge base in the construction business world. Alex trains all employees statewide and due to her longevity with the company, she is a great contributor towards idea generating meetings.
We are nominating Alexandra Escobar for the Support Professional of the Year Award because her honesty, loyalty, dedication, and drive towards helping the team with any of their needs, is one of the strongest you will see. She understands the challenges the field team face on a daily basis and she will make sure she does whatever she can to simplify their life and prepare the company for success.


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